HuskSMP Store Terms of Service

Thank you for visiting our donation store!

This page lays out some ground rules, procedures, and additional information about donations.

Some more information is also available on our FAQ.

The Terms (Last revised: Monday, April 20th, 2020 at 18:00 MST)

These Terms are subject to change without warning, and updates are to take effect immediately. We will attempt to warn all users on our Discord server, but this is not required or guaranteed.

All HuskSMP services will be referred to from this point forth under the blanket term, "Network". This includes all game servers (including and not limited to Minecraft and OpenTTD), the Discord server and any future Discord servers, and the HuskSMP website.

Additionally, any purchasable good available on the store will be referred to from this point forth as an "Item". All Terms referring to an Item apply across the entire HuskSMP Network.

Any mention of the HuskSMP Store will be referred to as the "Store" in this document, furthermore. The Store includes and all of its sub-pages.

1. All donations are non-refundable.

      Though HuskSMP will refund purchases in some cases, we are by no means required to. Any items purchased on the Store are non-refundable. This applies to the entire Network.

      2. Items purchased are not backed by any form of warranty.

      Some items available on the Store are one-time purchases, and will not be given back or refunded when or if the server resets or if the Network is shut down. Additionally, there will be no refunds unless manually approved by an owner of the Network. Items may be removed from the Network at any point.

      3. Characteristics of any Item may be modified at any point without prior approval or warning.

      Any Item listed on the Store may have its perks, name, design, and/or rewards changed, removed, or added to at any point. These characteristics are not backed by any form of warranty either, as described in section 2 of the Terms, and may be removed entirely at any point.

      4. Chargebacks are not permitted.

      Any Item which has been purchased on the Store is subject to this Term. If the purchase is forcefully refunded, excluding refund requests from HuskSMP support, the user the Item was purchased for will be permanently banned from the Network.

      5. Processing times may vary.

      Any purchase made on the Store is not backed by any guaranteed maximum processing time. Generally, purchases will be processed within minutes to hours, but this process can take several days depending on the payment method used. If any component of the Network is offline, however, this may take longer. If a purchase takes over three hours to process, please contact our support here.

      6. Purchases may not be transferred.

      Any Item purchased on the Store may not be transferred to any other account than the one specified while purchasing. However, if a purchase was accidentally made for an incorrect account, our support team may transfer the purchase to the correct account. Contact methods are available here.

      7. Users may be blacklisted from the Store for any reason.

      HuskSMP reserves the right to blacklist any user or IP from the Store for any reason. However, this is generally only done in case of chargeback or suspicion of fraud.